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Study: Powersports Customer Value

Industry: Powersports
Region: North America

CDK Global Recreation’s Data Services team conducted a study of over 150,000 Powersports customers who made purchases between the years of 1991 and 2011. The goal of the study was to identify what an average Powersports customer spends on an annual basis, then compare their spend to that of the top 25 percent of revenue generating customers.

Findings Overview:

  • The Top 25% Customers purchased parts and unit reparis nearly twice as often.
  • Top customers spend 30% more per parts and service purchase.
  • The best opportunity to improve per customer profit is in parts and service.


Getting customers in more often for routine purchases throughout their lifecycle will improve the total lifetime revenue of each customer more than just focusing on less frequent unit purchases. This is a stark difference from traditional unit sales operations in dealerships today.

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